Activities For Children


Food and education are of prime importance and if children of any society are denied this, it’s a shame for that society and Nation. Marginalized and poverty stricken, such children, as a result will fall into the trap of crime, drugs and diseases and start indulging in anti-social and anti-national activities.

Narayan, the Almighty has bestowed us with multiple blessings which we should return through selfless service of mankind. The poor children are also the building blocks of future like we are. Therefore, we should provide food and education to these children so that they can also be brought in the mainstream of society. Rishikulshala is the name of this pious project.

Let’s come together and contribute so that we can spread love amongst the marginalized children and rebuild our nation. Our contribution would enrich the lives of these children and save them from crime and various diseases.


Gupp Chauraha 


As the name suggests Gupp Chauraha is an informal talk between the children from 5 to 15 yrs of Pariwar members and experts of various fields. The structure of the talk is though informal (informal talks shed inhibition among children and they feel free to share their emotions and problems), yet the content is not casual.

Gupp Chauraha is divided into 4 segments- Moral, Behavioral, Spiritual and physical development wherein the children of only pariwar members are trained in above mentioned areas by experts.



The Ashram organises discussions called “Chaupal”, in schools in different parts of India. Ashram’s experts, students, teachers, managers and guardians all get together to solve the behavioural problems of students.



The main concern of Shriguru Ji is that if the children of today will not be physically, mentally and emotionally strong, the Nation will not be able to get strong leadership, entrepreneurship, workmanship etc. tomorrow and so the youngest Nation of 2020 shall be a weak Nation. 70% children of our Nation are deficient in Vitamin D on account of which they are facing physical and mental illness. Hence, ashram has organized a national campaign DVDD (Defeat Vitamin-D Deficiency) from December 2014, in which the intent is to make our children free from this harmful deficiency. Many health checkup camps and awareness camps have been organized in various places.